Felicia Learning in NIE

Monday, October 11, 2004

Been a long time

Hmm.. lots had happened during my disappearance from blogger..

Family, notebook, school, health :)

Anyway, now that the term is coming to an end....

:) there are so much to update.. dun really know where to start

Teaching is so much more than teaching. There is the text to cover, the voice, the body langugage to create the mood, the patience and intelligence to bring the lesson across, the determination to do the post activities.

What about Jac's lesson that i like.... i like the power of silence ...that is something I have been trying to learn... when you are angry, when you need the attention of the class, keep quiet and stare... well somehow it doesnt work for me.... the class usually keeps quiet only for a short while.... guess I have to keep trying :) this is a really good tech. afterall it protects the voice :)

Was just wondering how she did it... I think it is because, her actions are delibrate to start with... she speaks carefully, slowly, setting the pace, the mood and the expectation of the class?

I tot she was really patient! May be the repeating is good! there is no need to shout, to get angry... she just needs to be firm, reinforce her expectations of the class.

Recently, I had been to a class, I thought it was interesting, there was really not much 'manual teaching' from the teacher, the teacher did not really lecture, give out notes, go thorugh the notes and so on, but it was interesting that when ever I miss that class, I felt that I was losing out on something. How was that acheieve? I really dunno, I had been trying to figure out... but I know One, the class was interesting. I was given the space to participate and not to during class. The teacher encourages bonding and interactions btw the classmates, this bond has invisibly made me felt more 'home' and hence maybe the want of attending the class....

There are lots of dicussion, everyone's question was taken seriously, disscussed and anwers were given... that made me felt that, there are lots to learn... rather... I can turn these into learning points if I want to...

anyway, been really rather tired and drained ... :)

Friday, September 17, 2004


Woah.... This has been a wonderful week, it is not called school experience for nothing :)
Well... hmmm...... heee I have learnt so much that it is really hard to put into words... its the experience....

Well....within this week I have taught in 3 classes already... going for my fouth and last one today.... Practice makes perfect..... thats the most important tool....

The first lesson was bad for me... I assumed so much that at the end of the lesson, I was blurred and I think the students were blurred too... hehee lesson plans really dun work huh .... The mood of the students matter more.. I feel.... I assumed that they knew this and that, and it was suppose to be a revision class to I gave them all the information, teaching them the formations of river landforms, channels characteristics, the input of the chart and so on... all in 1 hour... hheee obviously.. information overload..... :)

The 2nd got better and by the time it came to the 3rd... hahaa... I think i got the hang of it..

The teachers who asked me to teach were really kind, they took down notes and told me where I went wrong and where I could improve...I am really grateful to them!

The best experience I had was to observe this class which is like..hmmm the terror..... haa it was....Three of us were in that class, and there were only around 35 students.... They were talking, chating, listening to discman, reading newspapers, er... throwing blue tack towards the board.... heheee and....hmmmm playing football...hahha that was really interesting... really really.... so class !!! Our practice session is rather accurate... and guess what... at the end of the lesson....one of the boys gave me a cockoroach and the other CUT my hair :)

Okie... once i think its funny... I wonder how... hee hee if I am made form teacher of that class.... Passion i think :) They are really challenging .. and they are only sec 3

Right...one last tip i thought was important... Mrs. Tan told us that at the end of a test paper, she puts there ... expected marks... and asked the students to grade themselves at the end of their paper... interesting.. then the students become more aware of what they do.....

What i learnt most is.... Be nice, be kind, compassionate, caring, concerning, sincere.... but have to be firm and state expectations :)