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Sunday, September 12, 2004

My laptops up

Cool~ my laptops up....

I am so excited... durng this week end, I had my laptop set up, wireless done.... hehehe now i feel connected hehehhehe

Alright I am down counting my days towards the drama exam... this is exciting as well, I heard that my examiner is a professor in Theatre studies,,, cool ! have lots to learn from her....

HAAA,, guess what I took my laptop and was sufing the net with my K2 children.... looking and seraching on their authors and poets... they were excited ,, so was I ....

Tomorrow is my school experience week.. I though first toa payoh was rather sweet, they gave me all lit, geog, eng and hist classes to observe... accorrding to some of my other class mates, they have to sit into physic classes as well....

This set me thinking,... will I be put into a history class to teach? ops! poor students then.. my hist is really bad... hhehee

I am really excited tomorrow.. not sure what this excitment is all about.. hahah I feel like a primary one kid getting ready for school... :) had my skirt and shrit ironed out... packed my handbag and pencil case.,.. haahaaa

never been so happy with the way life have been... though i was tired and really tired... but i enjoyed every moment... happy : O )

that is y i always tell pp... follow your interest... no matter how difficult times may be you will still enjoy and cont.. cos.. they passion is there"_


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