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Monday, September 13, 2004

My first day at school

haahaa... I was actually excitied, nervous at school today!!!!

But I learnt alot....

Well... same subject.. taught by different teachers... the results are so different!!!!
One teacher divided the story into 6 parts... told the story, went through the text, divided the class into 6 groups and told them to come up with their own scripts and told them to act it out...there were no guiding, no pushing, but the class just came alive and worked it out... it was not professional.. but sure it was fun.... i enjoyed it.. so did the class every one was laughing....

This teacher is 7 months pregant!!! she walks around with that heavy tummy... she was not commical... very prim and proper.. but the class totally enjoyed the lesson.. there were so much engaging... and interaction and exploring. I enjoyed totally as well.

The class was very good, creative... the witches' cloaks were changed into lady macbeth's gown... and the banquo's scene was very well done as well!!!

This is normal academic class... so what was the is rummor about normal students being slower?

Okie the next class.... hmmm it was an express class... hmmm a one hour long lesson, guess what we did!!! The teacher... put a transpancy on the OHP, and said," let's write an esaay."

And she wrote the eassy... told the class to copy it exactly.... for an hour!!! :)

Hmmm both.. lit... teachers.... hhaaa

So what is the reaction of the class>... perfect silence.... all copying... not sure what they had learnt.. but I had problems keeping awake.. hehehee... cool huh!!! two perfect contrast within 1 day on the same subject....

I thought the school was really kind.. they really tried to put me into every class possible.... and when i requested to teach... they allowed me to... hehhee.. now i am kinda panicking....

I was given all express class.. and I thought my life wouldnt be so good.... hehhee so i requested for the school to put me into a normal or a technical class.. and immediatly... they gave a class to me.. I think the school is really kind....

Anyway.... i worked my butt off today.,.. hehhee,.. didint have a break at all.. but hehe thats clas i kapo... wanted to sit in everything possible... alright.. will up date about the geog class tomorrow... :)


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