Felicia Learning in NIE

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ERRRR.... IT ...just not my cup of tea

Wonderful... I spent... 2 days... trying to change and refine my wordings... everything is gone now!!! IT....ARGH!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2004


Waoh! Today is quite an experience... I was shocked, overwhelmed, at a lost ..... hmmmm

Things that could have gone better:
  1. Indeed true that crossword puzzle cannot be done in groups.
  2. Went through the answers, explaining and probing questions - like what I did with Clifton, instead of asking for answers. I should have known! Argh... how could I simply just give answers and be not aware of the students learning? I disliked that when teachers did that to me :(
  3. Be more careful with my answers and not provide the chance to let students copy/cheat.
  4. Not allowed the father to take my students away, but insist that the parent should get permission from the school/ HOD before taking the boy away (that is if I was sure that was someone outside the school :) )
  5. Early dismissal is indeed not a wise choice.. then I might give students the idea that leaving class early is an incentive and a bonus or a benefit... and hmm that defeats education... ---- learning nation :) ?????

Wao... the list goes on......Why didnt I think about all these? Hmm... they kinda seem rather simple... gosh! Well not that I am blaming myself or becoming disappointed or crying over spill milk.. but I am rather shocked that I couldnt handle everything and that such mistakes could have happened! It is amazing that these didnt come to my mind when I thought I had thought through my lesson plans rather carefully and was kind of hoping for an exciting lesson to motivate student ... Mission failed ... ops!

It rather scarely... I though I was ready.. I really thought so..... I sincerely thought I had a flair in teaching, in handling 'bad' kids... boy! was I wrong!!!! It seems rather beyond me.... hmmm ... I really felt like stopping (many a times through this experience) and say, " okie forget it ... you just do what you all want." Oh no! And I havent started the real teaching .... ???? Hmmm....

I knew that the Contents was not everything, but hmmm... never felt it so strong before. ....

Enough of why I didnt do this, why I didnt do that..... Now.. what will I do?

Actually I kind of look forward to my practicum or my teaching experience now... I guess as time goes by I will be able to handle such.. and concentrate on the contents...Coming to this... then may be during the first 1 or 2 weeks, I should really consider stating my grounds with the students, putting off the contents of the lessons a little and try to put the class in control first....

And yes...!!! Spelling mistakes... careless mistakes... that should not happen!!! not at least.. so many mistakes in one lessons... never number this... never spell that rightly... argh!!!!

Gosh! Anyway... I did learn alot today.. and to a great extend.. so much .. its hard to put into words :)


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Lesson plans

Alright! Finally got my lesson plan typed out :) I had been on it since 12pm yesterday and it is 3am now :) Was just wondering to myself... did my teachers go through all these as well?

NIE has been a really interesting experience for me so far.... I am kind of amazed by the classes I am going through... Take Geog for example..I had a real shock by the 'rowdiness' of the class last tuesday. I came out of that class and realised that it is almost impossible to convey anything if the class behaves in such a manner. Then what is going happen to the class, the exam and the lesson? I though I was ready, after all I did relief teach in a normal academic class before.. but hmm the experience was different.. then again... :) I guess this is everything that we have to go through. :) I like my lit classes too ... hmmm I wonder did my teachers go through the course as well? I thot they did! But I didnt get to do the activities we were taught to teach our students.. and I thot they were intersting... at least it was about jumbling the last stanza of a poem and re-arranging them...while back in my school days we were only going through the poems, the meanings and the words.....

So where is the creativity? Hmmmm... creativity seems like an overly overused word.... the overuse of this word has made it so simple and cheap.... I thot is a challenging task .... is involves so many aspects! Our intelligence, training, streching our mind, imagination, tapping into our experience, knowledge.... and hmmm there is alot to catch up in this area......

Reading though my sec 4 text book for the agriculture mock lesson is interesting.... I had to think about what I wanted to teach. It is really ....hmmm... there are so much I wanted to teach and there seem so little time...and I wondered what would be intersting and what should be important...... then it drifted to why did the textbook sectioned agriculture the way it did...is there a better way to group them.... hmmm....I kinda wished I saw my textbook the way i did now.. then Os would have been so much easlier :)

I guess one of the biggest challenges is for me to keep interested and passionate enough to spend one day doing one lesson plan and trying my best to make it as interesting, putting in actitvies that will at least I think will make senses to students and not just add activites in for the sake of doing so ...... Anyway... just some after thoughts.. of a totally tired and sleepy mind.... so ... anyway....good night eveyone :)